20/20 Sales & Marketing Tune Up

For most businesses, more will be accomplished through improvements to sales, marketing and customer service than in any other area. As stated by the legendary Peter Drucker:

“Business has only two functions
— marketing and innovation”

At Steve MacDonald & Associates Inc., our definition of marketing is literally everything you do to find, attract, earn, keep, and grow your customers. That means there are an open-ended number of opportunities to enhance your marketing, sales and customer service on the road to achieving your profit and lifestyle goals.

The good news is that improvements to marketing, sales and customer service are often also the easiest, fastest and least capital-intensive improvements to make. Most often, just a few, simple improvements can make an impressive difference.

Our 20/20 Profit Improvement Insights for Serious Entrepreneurs is loaded with great ideas to help tune up your sales and marketing. Our Tune Up will help you identify and prioritize the ones that have the potential to deliver the maximum return on investment for your business.