20/20 Sales & Marketing Audit

Typically, entrepreneurs are too close to their own sales and marketing systems, and materials, to be truly objective about their effectiveness. That's why our Sales and Marketing Audit is such a valuable service. Our detailed analysis combines objectivity and broad-based expertise to confirm what you're doing well, while also identifying weaknesses and missed opportunities that could be hurting your profit potential.

EVERY company that's serious about success should undertake a detailed, objective sales and marketing audit at least once a year. As identified in Profit Improvement Insight #17, it’s amazing how disjointed marketing and sales processes, presentations, and materials can become over a relatively short period.

Another key objective in our Sales & Marketing Audit is to identify opportunities where technology can be better leveraged to automate processes and cut costs while increasing the quality and consistency of your sales, marketing, and customer service initiatives. Well-conceived use of technology can also become a valuable competitive differentiator, at the same time as it provides both cost savings and increased revenues (see Profit Improvement Insight #18).

The bottom line is that undertaking an annual Sales and Marketing Audit will invariably pay for itself many times over – in no time at all.