Insight #19 - Create Raving Fans

JD Power & Associates, the world leader in measuring customer satisfaction has overwhelming evidence to prove that companies with the highest customer satisfaction indexes are also the most profitable ones.

Because the entire purpose of a business is to create and keep, happy loyal customers, it makes sense that outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction should be at the core of that mission.

    > Is your company truly customer centric?
    > Are you creating innovative ways to wow your clients?
    > Are you showing them how much you care and value their business?
    > Do you have a customer service manifesto?
    > Is your staff trained and empowered to be 100% customer centric?
    > How many unique ways do you show your clients that they really matter     to you?

While doing the little things right can sometimes be all it takes to stand head and shoulders above your competition, truly innovative approaches to customer service can become very profitable competitive differentiators.

Tip #19: Make customer service a key differentiator and turn your clients into raving fans. Create a client service manifesto that sets the highest expectations for your clients and train all of your staff in the subtleties of making your clients feel like VIP’s when doing business with you.

Create a complete list of your current customer service initiatives and then brainstorm to come up with innovative new ones that will make your customers even happier to do business with you. Above all, make sure that you are constantly asking them if they are truly happy with current service and how you might better serve them next time!