Insight #17 - Do a Sales & Marketing Audit

When was the last time you had a completely objective review of your marketing and sales materials from A to Z? If it hasn’t been done recently, then it’s time. This includes every single piece of communication that a prospective client or existing client might experience including: business signage, vehicle signage, point of purchase communications, advertisements, sales letters, proposal templates, recorded messages, reception, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, audio and video presentations, trade show booth, website, email newsletters etc.

If you review your communication collateral critically from an objective, client or prospective client point of view, you’ll be amazed at how much inconsistency there is and how unsystematic the whole package can become over time.

Now with the benefit of your new marketing mindset (Insight #1), and a good number of the additional insights in this presentation, take another critical look to see how many places there are for improvement.

Tip #17: Do a complete audit/review of all your sales, marketing and branding materials and evaluate them objectively for brand consistency and sales and marketing effectiveness.

> Do they all fit and complement your defined sales and marketing process to deliver     optimal results?
> Are they as powerful and compelling as they could be?
> Are they consistent with your brand and positioning?
> Are they using the right words and images create optimal impact?
> Are they leveraging the web and interactive technologies as well as they could?
> Are they maximizing the ABC goals of business development?
> Are they elegantly and consistently selling your company and your products?
> Are they engaging customers and garnering customer feedback?
> Are they generating testimonials and referrals?

If you really take the time to scrutinize your materials, or better yet, have an objective professional do it, you’ll be amazed at how many areas of improvement you discover, and just how quickly those improvements will pay dividends.