Insight #16 - Training & Coaching is Key

The very best way to keep your sales team in top shape, and to keep your sales process as finely tuned as possible, is to commit to ongoing training, coaching and motivational strategies.

Top sales people, the true professionals, are constantly learning, practicing and improving their skills. They also follow regimented systems for business development, manage their time efficiently, and apply a huge arsenal of interpersonal, sales, and communication skills to achieve success.

Investing in high quality sales training for your sales force will not only keep your bottom line healthy, but it will also ensure that the front line representatives of your company present the kind of professional image that you want associated with your brand.

Tip #16: One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to implement ongoing training for your sales and customer service teams, is to invest in your own in-house sales training library and sales training systems. There are hundreds of excellent books, CDs, and online materials that will do wonders for sales training and motivation. These materials also provide excellent new ideas for field testing and implementation of sales process improvements as part of your sales process enhancement (Insight #15).

Perpetual training, practice and skill development, combined with motivational support and achievement recognition, is a smart investment that will pay big dividends – month after month.