Insight # 15 - Sales Process Enhancement

For such a critical aspect of business, it’s surprising how few companies have well documented sales processes, and as a result, how little time they spend methodically and strategically improving each step of that process. It therefore comes as no surprise, that when sales reps are left to their own devices to figure out the best way to prospect, pitch, present and close sales, the results vary considerably from the most successful to the least successful.

That’s why smart companies spend serious amounts of time and effort determining, testing and tweaking the most successful approaches to every step of their multi-step sales process to create a system that is as scientific and effective as possible. This doesn’t preclude individual sales professionals from adapting elements to their own style, or from trying new ideas, but it does provide a universal “playbook” and training resource to help ensure a consistent, successful approach to selling.

A well documented sales process will also allow you to develop your marketing resources to more strategically support and expedite every stage of the sales process. Developing process-driven tools that leverage technology will allow your sales team to serve more clients and close more business in record time.  The net result will raise not only the performance of your weakest sales reps, but of your entire team.

Tip #15: Tested, proven and well documented sales processes are essential to improving the performance of your sales team. They’re also essential to ensuring that your company and its products are being appropriately and consistently well presented in the marketplace.

> Begin documenting or continue updating your sales process
> Solicit input from your top sales reps to capture the best practices
> Learn from industry experts and leading authors
> Test new approaches, ideas and strategies on an ongoing basis
> Conduct regular sales training and skill development sessions
> Then keep your sales teams selling by the book

As an added bonus, the next time you have to recruit a new sales professional for your ever expanding business, not only will the new recruit be very impressed by your documented process, but they’ll also be up-to-speed and into the marketplace in record time with well proven and profitable sales practices.