Insight #10 - Campaign Marketing Magic

Clever marketers always take advantage of themed and limited time campaigns or promotions to create interesting and time sensitive approaches to the marketplace. It doesn’t really matter what the theme or rationale is, as long as it’s intelligent, engaging and well executed.

Of course, clever, creative, and well executed campaigns that are on strategy and on brand will deliver the best results, so be sure that you plan appropriately and leave plenty of time on your marketing calendar to ensure sufficient time for design and development.

One of the keys to optimal results is to create campaigns with multiple components that are all well connected by theme and strategy across multiple impression points. The cumulative impact of each additional component will enhance overall theme recognition and impact.

Tip #10: Look carefully at your marketing calendar to spot ideal cycles or seasons for innovative campaign ideas. Take full advantage of trade shows, product launches, holidays etc. to create compelling sales campaigns that leverage themes.

Careful planning and component integration will enhance impact while maximizing budgets by employing the same creative in multiple media. All campaign initiatives should be measured qualitatively and quantitatively to determine their effectiveness in increasing sales, profits and customer affinity.