Insight #8 - Are Your Really Listening?

There is nothing new about the idea of listening to customers, but it is rarely done as strategically, systematically, and effectively as it should to achieve maximum benefit. Properly implemented customer feedback systems are invaluable because those systems will help you design and manage your business to the ultimate satisfaction of your customers.

Research done by the Whitehouse Office of Consumer Affairs in the U.S. indicates that unfortunately, 93% of clients typically don’t tell you when they’re unhappy or could be better served. So the key to strategic listening is not only to ask the right questions, but to ask them in an environment or through a process that will capture the honest and uninhibited information you need.

Tip #8: Develop a system that regularly allows customers, prospective customers and even lost customers to provide insights into key areas of your business, service and product improvement. Don’t be afraid to drill down past the platitudes to hear real problems and real opportunities for improvement. Use feedback forms, web surveys, customer service follow-up calls, or even an independent survey service or confidential feedback system to ensure that you’re getting the truth.