Insight #6 - Brilliant Brand Implementation

In simple terms, your brand is the essence of what your business stands for; it’s your reputation for product, service, ethics, style and delivery of everything you do.

Although branding is typically associated with logos, tag lines and colours, brand implementation happens throughout every aspect of your business, through every customer impression, and through every point of contact or communication. Nothing is more important than building a brilliant and consistent brand that people recognize and associate immediately and distinctively with how you want them to feel about your company.

There are an open-ended number of ways that you can communicate your brand, and they will happen by default, whether you take charge of their implementation, or not. Thus you must be keenly aware of how your company’s brand is being communicated in the details of everything you do.

Tip #6: Be vigilant in developing and defining the exact brand you want to build in the marketplace, and then ensure that every detail supports that brand. Using the right logos, colours, tag lines, style, look and feel is a good place to start, but your brand is also communicated through every single point of customer contact.

Make a list of all the ways that customers and prospective customers are touched by your brand and be certain to fully exploit every opportunity to create the right impression.