Insight #4 - How do They Really Feel?

A critical aspect of strategic planning is to define exactly the position that you want to occupy in the marketplace and in your customer’s mind. Positioning is how you want your customers ideally to feel about your company or how you would like them to describe your company when you’re not there.

The position you hold in your prospect’s or client’s mind, is based on their perception of you and your business relative to all of their other choices in the marketplace. Because purchases are almost always emotionally driven, how they feel about your business is a primary determinant of whether or not they choose you or your competition. It also makes all the difference in whether or not they feel positive enough about your company to recommend you to their friends and associates.

Tip #4: A well defined positioning statement is essential in developing your marketing plans. Take time to clarify in as much detail as possible how you want your prospects and clients to think of you and your business. Would your customers describe you as ethical, honest, dedicated, professional, or customer focused? Do some objective research to see how close to this ideal perception you actually are now. You may also want to do some research into how they feel about your competitors.

It is essential that every aspect of your marketing and sales plan supports your ideal positioning as effectively as possible. Make sure as well that everyone in your company clearly understands your positioning and acts in accordingly.