Insight #3 - Sales & Marketing Blueprints

Because your sales and marketing plan is what drives your income stream, it’s arguably one of the most important management documents for your business. Its purpose is to ingeniously map out the process by which you will hit your sales and business development goals. That's why the importance of sales and marketing plans cannot be underestimated.

Just as your vision of what your company will become in 1, 2 and 5 years is the driving force behind your business plan, your sales and marketing plan is the document that reverse engineers your income and business development goals. It must be detailed, methodical, systematic and realistic in its approach, because once complete, this document becomes your ongoing blueprint for revenue generation and performance benchmarking.

Tip #3: A clear, detailed sales and marketing plan that outlines exactly how you intend to achieve your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual sales goals is a critical tool for profit improvement. The more granular in detail, the better, right down to projected product and service units to be sold to specific markets, via specific campaigns and sales initiatives.

It must be strategically thought out; it must also be on brand and on strategy in every aspect. Its execution must be clearly understood by all members of your sales, marketing and operational teams. Ensuring team buy-in and commitment to the plan is a critical component that will go a long way to ensuring its successful and profitable execution.