Insight #2 - Focus on Strategy First!

The most critical element of a winning sales & marketing plan is strategy. This cannot be emphasized enough! Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs equate marketing & sales initiatives with tactics. And while it’s true that the marketing plan and marketing calendar ultimately get filled with the details and timing of tactics, tactics are a completely secondary issue.

The truth is, it’s entirely possible to be brilliant at execution of tactics, but fail to achieve your real business goals, because the tactics are not strategy-driven. Conversely, brilliant strategy can make you a fortune in less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible. Thus, time spent to develop the right strategy will always pay huge dividends.

Tip #2: Spend serious time and effort developing clever and well thought out strategies about how to achieve your big picture goals, before getting distracted by tactics. Ask these questions:

> What are we really trying to accomplish?
> Is there possibly a better, smarter, faster, easier way?
> Are there possibilities that we haven’t explored yet?
> Are we being as clever, innovative and creative as possible?
> Are we borrowing innovative ideas from other industries?
> Are we leveraging state of the art technologies? 

Working smart with the right competitive and business development strategies is infinitely easier and more effective than working hard with the wrong ones. Nothing will make a bigger difference in your business success and profits than brilliant strategic thinking.